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Monday, September 04, 2006

Are You an Easy Target for Advertisers - Checklist and Quiz

Are You an Easy Target?

Answer the following questions to the best of you ability. Do not put your name on this form. No grade will be assigned.

Circle the “T” if you think the statement is true. Circle the “F” if you think the statement is False. Circle the “DK” if you don’t know if the statement is true or false.

1. Quackery is easy to spot. T F DK
2. Personal experience is the best way to tell if something works. T F DK

3. “Alternative” medicine/methods have moved toward the T F DK
scientific mainstream.

4. Government agencies are the first line of defense against quackery. T F DK

5. Claims made by companies in TV and newspaper T F DK
advertisements must be accurate.

6. Consumers have a three day period in which to cancel T F DK
any purchase.

7. Consumers have a right to a full refund for any product T F DK
that is defective.

8. Money cannot be withdrawn from a bank account without T F DK
written authorization form the account owner.

9. A persons credit history is private unless permission is given T F DK
to make it public.

10. Generic products are always a better buy than name brand T F DK

11. Buying items in bulk or quantity always saves money. T F DK

12. Advertised sales are not required to reduce the cost of an item. T F DK

13. Additional costs such as delivery fees, installation charges, T F DK
service fees, warranties, and shipping and handling should
be considered part of the total cost of an item.

14. The manner in which you use, service, and care for an item T F DK
may affect your warranty rights.

15. A company may issue an exchange or credit instead of a T F DK
refund for returned merchandise.

Are You an Easy Target?

16. Most Americans need more vitamins than the T F DK
Federal government recommends.

17. Vitamin and herb supplements are strictly T F DK
regulated for content and efficacy by the
Federal government.

18. Nutrition labels on food or diet products can not T F DK
be trusted because there is little similarity in
serving size or the use of words like “low fat”.

19. Commercial weight loss programs must meet T F DK
strict safety regulations.

20. Bottled water is certified by the government to T F DK
be pure and fresh if used by the expiration date.

Answer Key

1. F 6. F 11. F 16. F

2. F 7. F 12. T 17. F

3. F 8. F 13. T 18. F

4. F 9. F 14. T 19. F

5. F 10. F 15. T 20. F


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