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Monday, September 04, 2006

Back Injury Prevention - Progam Topic List

Back Injury Prevention

How Serious is the Problem?

Work related back injuries account for 20%-30% of all workers compensation claims and 40%- 50% of workers compensation costs. Nationally the direct cost for work related back injuries is approximately $20 Billion dollars annually.

Who is at risk?

Almost any employee is at risk for a back injury. Jobs requiring frequent heavy lifting such as manufacturing, warehouse employees, nursing staff, and construction workers are obviously at risk, but infrequent lifting is also a risk factor for a work related back injury since employees may not be familiar with proper lifting habits.

This Educational Program will address:

· Methods to decrease the frequency of back injuries
· Methods to decrease the seriousness of back injuries
· Methods to decrease the cost associated with back injuries
· Safe lifting principles
· Back belts


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