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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Event Press Release Announcement Template : Resources for Writers

For Immediate Release

[Contact's Name]

[Contact's Phone Number]

[Contact's Fax Number]

[Organization] Sponsors [Event]

[City, State] -- [Date] -- [Organization] will host a [Event] from [Starting Time] to [Ending Time] on [Day], [Date] at [Location], [Address]. [Event Positioning Statement Showing Why this Event Is Interesting or Important and Who Should Attend].

"[Quote on Primary Benefit of Event]," said [Spokesperson's Name], [Spokesperson's Title] of the [Organization].

[List of Sponsors / Exhibitors] are just a few of the companies who will participate in the [Event].

[Organization 2] is coming because they have many [services/products/customers] related to [purpose of the event] and are promising to [show/give away/present] their

Interested [Type of Sponsors / Exhibitors] can rent a booth for $[Price] by calling [Coordinators' Name] at [Coordinator's Phone Number]. Proceeds will go to [Fund].

[Organization] is a [Full Company / Organization Positioning Statement].



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