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Monday, September 04, 2006

Gagne's 9 Event Template

GagnÈís Nine Events Template

Robert GagnÈ is a major contributor to both behavioral and cognitive learning theory. One of his most notable contributions is a model of instruction that includes nine critical events such as "Grabbing the Learner's Attention" at the beginning of a lesson. Although the model seems quite simple, it has been shown to be an effective way to organize instruction across a wide variety of subjects. It is one model of instruction that might be employed in an interactive multimedia program. Of course, there are other models that may be more appropriate in your situation.


1. GagnÈís Nine Events Template is a list of instructional events that make up a specific instructional model. GagnÈ argues that an instructional lesson or module is not complete unless it attends to each of these nine events.

2. A blank template appears on the next page.

3. When designing an instructional lesson or module, decide on strategies for handling each of the events in the model.


Course or Program:

Objective for Lesson or Module:

Specify how each event will be handled in the instruction.


1. Gaining attention

2. Informing the learner of the objective

3. Stimulating recall of prior learning

4. Presenting the stimulus material

5. Providing learning guidance

6. Eliciting the performance

7. Providing feedback

8. Assessing performance

9. Enhancing retention and transfer


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