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Monday, September 04, 2006

Health and Wellness Activites - Community and Media Analysis

· Baseline Data Sheet and Personal Fitness/Health Goals
· 3 Day Dietary Analysis
· Study Guide Activities for Assigned Chapters
· Optional Bonus: View one of these 3 videos: Gattica, Outbreak, The Band Played On and discuss how these relate to covered topics.
· Library Scavenger Hunt

· Drug Culture Analysis: In the second half of this semester you will study the substance abuse and related phenomena. Although the U.S.A. has been fighting a 'war against drugs' for many years, people still abuse drugs. After viewing the video's and completing the corresponding readings, you are to write a list of every single time you see a drug of any type [including smoking, alcohol, etc.] in your daily life for 3 days. This means if you go into a store to buy gasoline and see a beer display you write it down! If you turn on the television and someone is drinking or smoking...write it down! Then give me your opinion as to how this impacts children and adults in their decision to use drugs. Have we become 'immune' to the concept of substance abuse? How does this impact someone who has made the decision not to use drugs? What do you think would help us 'win the war on drugs'?

· Sexually Transmitted Diseases: You will also study STD's and the concept of "safe sex". But is the message of "Safe Sex" really reaching the right people? Is it effective? After viewing the video's and completing the corresponding assigned readings, you are to critique the "messages" regarding sex that culture sends to our youth by:
· Analyzing the lyrics to at least 3 songs popular among young teenagers [radio is fine]. Do the lyrics mention or suggest sex? Is it 'Safe Sex'? Explain.
· Analyze at least one magazine that targets teenagers. How many advertisements, articles, or other information concerns sex either directly or indirectly?
· Visit a local teen 'hang-out" such as a skating rink, store targeting teens, etc. and explain if/how sex is portrayed.
· Watch at least two movies or television shows targeting teens. How is sex portrayed?
· In your opinion, how does this impact the transmission of STD's in the USA?
What can/should be done?


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