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Monday, September 04, 2006

Health and Wellness Take-Home Test

Essay Questions:

1. Explain what steps you would take to develop a comprehensive health related fitness program for a 25 year old male who would like to lose 15 pounds. He has no physical limitations but works at a sedentary job that provides little opportunity for exercise. He eats at fast food restaurants several times a week and takes in approximately 500 calories per day over his estimated basal metabolic needs. His resting heart rate is 60 beats per minute. Use all five areas of performance related fitness. Show your work when estimating his targeted heart rate and when demonstrating the weight loss. Be as specific as possible. (25 points).

2. Name and define the principles of conditioning as they relate to resistance
training. Be specific. (15 points).

3. What is the difference between performance related fitness and health related
fitness? List components and activities associated with both. (5 points).

4. In your own words, explain how gender impacts muscular strength and
endurance. Why? (5 points)

5. Why is flexibility important? Be specific. (5 points)

Define the following terms:
(2 points each)

6. Aerobic
7. Anaerobic
8. Range of Motion (ROM)
9. Muscular strength
10. Muscular endurance
11. Dehydration
12. Cross-training
13. Cardiac output
14. Hyperthermia
15. Hypothermia
HLP 1082 Test 2 Cont.

Short Answer:

16. "J" is a 20 year old female is taking the Rockport Fitness Walking Test. She weighs 125 pounds and walked one mile on a flat surface. Her heart rate was 180 beats per minute and it took her 12 minutes. Is she high, above average, average, below average, or low for her age, gender, and time it took her to complete the test? (5 points).
17. Explain how to take your resting heart rate. (5 points)
18. Why does most soreness occur after exercising? (5 points)
19. Explain the relationship between aging and strength. (5 points)
20. Is health related fitness dependent upon athletic ability? Why or Why Not?
(5 points)


You may choose ONE of the following for bonus points. These will be the ONLY bonus points available for this exam. (10 points). Bonus Deadline: 10/16/98.

1. Contact a fitness related organization in the community. Most provide free brochures and information. Bring in copies of exercise or diet related materials for everyone in class.
2. Make a Fact Sheet about Blood Donation for college students. It should be informative, accurate, and professional so it can be distributed next semester.
3. Make a Fact Sheet about on campus health and fitness related resources. Provide operating hours, descriptions, and other relevant information. It should be informative, accurate, and professional.


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