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Monday, September 04, 2006

Health Class Participation Activites - Community Awareness

Participation Activities

Throughout the course of this term you will be exploring various aspects of health and fitness. The following activities are designed to increase your awareness and skills related to health/fitness. Please choose ONE of the following activities. You will need to provide proof of completion/participation and a write-up of your experience. Would you encourage others to do this? Why or Why not? The date of the activity should reflect a time during this current term. This should be clearly titled and put in your Portfolio...however, it will be graded apart from the Portfolio. It is worth 15% of your total grade for the course.

· Learn CPR/1st Responder
· Become HIV 104 Certified
· If you are already HIV 104 Certified then you may replace this with another HIV course that you are interested in.
· Volunteer at a local nursing home for at least 4 hours
· Donate blood [please note: not everyone can donate blood so call first to make sure you are able].
· Volunteer for at least 4 hours at a local health related volunteer agency of your choice. [Senior Services, Soup Kitchen other].
· Participate in online 'Ask the Expert" sessions***** {Will explain in class}
· Take a tour of the local jail [you will have to call in advance to schedule this]. How do health problems in local institutions impact the community?
· Interview someone from the local Crisis Abuse/Spouse Abuse Shelter or the Guardian ad Litem Program. How does domestic violence impact health? How big is the problem? What can be done?
· Tour the local Florida Center for the Blind. Does disability impact health? Can a person have a disability and still be healthy?
· Tour the local Wastewater Treatment Facility. Why is this related to health?


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