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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Health Information Systems and the Fiedl of Health Science - Ramblings

This is from about 1997 so take it in stride...

Framework of New information will be based on methodology, ability to access, evaluate, and interpret. Organization will define subject area rather than content. Content will "flow" in and between different subject area "framework". Initially literacy will be composed of reading and writing skills as well as technology…later to be replaced by technology and use of spoken voice.

Levels of competence will be defined by individual function and "need to know". Primary users will be technically proficient and able to access,
Health education will remain a subject area due to the high degree of need, but may not exist as a 'base' information. It will however, intertwine with all other "base" informations. For a distinct field to exist it must have clearly defined framework and methodology distinct but complementary to other "base" informations. If field fails to do this it will be incorporated by another field. Examples of fields likely to do well…statistics, business and marketing, epidemiology, psychology, biotechnology, high order math and physics, and alternative fields. Fields likely to be incorporated…medicine (will remain but not as "base" information, education, engineering, journalism and communication, and recreation. Fields that will probably cease to exist or exist only for a select few…history, grammar and many languages, etc..



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