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Monday, September 04, 2006

Health Topics in Need of Development

Proposed Topics

Computerized Instructional Methods
· Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)
· Computer Managed Instruction (CMI)
· Computer Mediated Education (CME)
Pro's and Con's/ Abilities and Limitations/ Considerations/Examples & Resources

Essential Technology Skills for School Health Teachers

Copyright Information for Educators

Critical Design Issues for Digital Information Delivery in Health Education
· Functionality
· Reliability, availability, and integrity
· Standardization, integration, consistency, and portability
· Five evaluation measures
· Accommodating diversity

An Educational Technology Primer for HSE

Pedagogical Foundations of Ed. Tech. In HSE

Accessibility in Electronic Health Communications

The Status of Health Ed. For Special Populations

Low Literacy and Health Education

Forgotten Children: The Health Needs of Incarcerated Youth

Integrating Health Education into ESOL/ABE/GED Instruction

Electronic Portfolios for Sunshine State Standards (only for Fl School Health Assoc)

Requirements for Effective Use of Technology

Personalizing Health Education through Technology

Challenges to Curriculum Design and Evaluation
· Non-linear versus linear
· Multi-media versus print
· Self-directed versus lead
· Active versus passive
· Facilitative versus Lecture Based


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