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Sunday, September 03, 2006

How Much is Your Coffee Habit Costing You?

What is Your Coffee or Java Habit Really Costing You?

Love Starbucks? Can't miss your afternoon pick-me-up? Join the club. Like many of you I have been a hardcore java-junky for a looong time. I like the smell, I like the habit itself, I enjoy the atmosphere and the small mental "refresher" from taking a coffee break. I even like the surge of energy that make the afternoon go by that much faster. comes at a price!

Ever wonder where all your money goes each month? Find yourself sitting at home while friends are on vacation? Catch yourself telling the children there isn't enough money to take the family out? Well, if you are one of the millions who cannot or will not go without your coffee, the first place to search for extra dollars is probably that cup sitting right beside you!

That daily cup of java is small cost that adds up to big dollars! Take a few minutes to calculate what your addiction is really costing you!

Price per cup. Average cost $2.50 [for many this will be quite a bit know who you are! so, use the appropriate number for your personal situation].

Number of cups per week x price per cup: 7 cups per week x $2.50 = $17.50 per week.

Number of cups per month x price per cup 30 per month x $2.50 = $75 per month.

Number of cups per year x price per cup 365 packs per year x $2.50 = $912 per year.

Repeat this for each java junky in the household.

Grand total used for purchasing coffee: ____________

Now, just imagine for a moment what you could do with that money!

Start your childrens college fund
Pay down high interest debt
Take a vacation
Buy a new stereo or television


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