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Monday, September 04, 2006

How Society Supports Violence and Terrorism

In this article the author, Evan Solomon, questions why death

has become such a money maker. He begins by presenting several

scenarios... from a police officer sawing off a mans hand and

foot, to a close up of an assasination where the camera lingers

on the mutilated flesh quivering and bleeding. Solomon cites a

recent video release called "Shockudrama" where all the

footage is authentic!

Edward Bronson, a 30 year old attorney who pioneered the

project, is attempting to capture the market through death.

Bronson even has his own web site to report on violence from

around the world. Another man is presenting "blood operas",

even wildlife videos comprised solely of wild animals hunting

and eating each other have become popular. Bronson states

his primary purpose for beginning the venture was for financial

gain. "Faces of Death", a 1979 precursor to the current

"shockudramas", grossed over $40 million dollars. Five sequals

were later produced.

The author, who viewed Bronsons video, felt the

film presented a new perspective; "I was shaken as much by my

own ignorance as I was by the challenging imagery. most

people, I'm blindly sailing through a make-up worlk, addicted to

prozac promises...".

I chose this article because at every turn you can find

information regarding the violence of t.v., videogames, board-

games, and the streets. Parents complain, televangelists preach,

but still it continues. In a short phrase, IT PAYS! But with all

the criticism, who is buying and why? Of course there are the

normal curiosity /adventure seeekers, some claim it provides a

cathartic affect. Perhaps, like the author, there are those

who feel the need to glimpse outside their sterile world.

Is this leisure? Is this entertainment? Who decides? We live in

a violent world; does the provision of leisure services include

ths type of exposure? After pays! As with the freedom of

speech being used to support pornography, I personally think

the issue of violence will become a critical issue.


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