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Sunday, September 03, 2006

How to Create Opt-in Email campaign & Newsletters

Opt-in Email campaign & Newsletters

In addition to keyword purchasing sponsored links and minimal banner ads, it is highly recommended that an opt-in email campaign be considered. Opt-in email has been shown to be highly effective in reaching a targeted audience, reduced price [no postage due, no printing cost, etc], and unlike spam-opt-in email recipients have requested information regarding the specific topic. Estimated response rate averages 5-15% depending upon demographic profiles selected. [Parameters include gender, geographic location, zip code, income, profession, and much more]. Estimated cost per name range from 15-65 cents [each additional parameter costs 5 cents per name] with the typical cost for this area running 15-30 per name. Minimum order is $1,000 per list rental.

Opt-in Email examples:

Note-Highly variable. Example and pricing current as of xx. For example only. Actual price and/or list may change depending upon date.. Highly targeted demographical information will add on average .05 cents per name for each included variable. General response 5%-15%. Email campaigns are extremely competitive in terms of price and results especially when considering traditional print [no printing, mailing cost, higher response rate].

Nearly 200,000 U.S. physicians are interested in receiving updates about prescription drugs via e-mail, a recent analysis by Manhattan Research, LLC finds. While many pharmaceutical companies have been experimenting with e-mail updates about prescription drugs to a consumer audience for many years, a relatively small number has been offering the same e-mail applications to a professional audience, according to the analysis. Even though many companies believe education about prescription drugs to health professionals is something best left to the offline world, Manhattan reports that a growing number of physicians is clearly asking for complementary online information and timely education about Rx products of interest.


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