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Sunday, September 03, 2006

How to Format Effective Headers When Writing for the Web

Headers are brief, explanatory and attention getting, but not cute. Title case at all times: This means all CAPS at the start of each word including prepositions.

• DO NOT use all caps for web content headers.

• DO use a consistent 14 point font-bolded but Do NOT use a bold font.  

• Title cap hyphenated words even if not technically correct as this reads better online, thus: Benefits Of A Smoke-Free Workplace, not Benefits Of A Smoke-free Workplace

• Use high ranking keywords whenever possible.

• Note, acronyms will routinely be only first letter capped in feed headers (but will almost always be capped in the body). Change acronyms in headers to all caps. Thus:

The Dangers Of GHB,
not: The Dangers Of Ghb



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