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Sunday, September 03, 2006

How to Motivate Yourself to Stop Smoking: Money Matters

What is Your Smoking Habit Really Costing You?

Of course we all know that smoking will eventually cost you your health but what can you do now to motivate yourself to stop smoking? Most of us are prone to some level of immediate gratification and smoking is a prime example. Rather than attempting to force yourself to focus on benefits that will take years...instead make it "real" today by calculating what tht smoking is Really Costing you and your family now!

Ever wonder where all your money goes each month? Find yourself sitting at home while friends are on vacation? Catch yourself telling the children there isn't enough money to take the family out? Well, if you smoke then a fast way to recapture your life...and your as close as the pack of cigarrettes beside you.

Smoking is a small cost that adds up to big dollars! Take a few minutes to calculate what your addiction is really costing you!

How many cigarettes do you smoke each day? Example: 20 cigarettes per day or one pack

Price per pack. Average cost $3 per pack.

Number of packs per week x price per pack 7 packs per week x $3 = $21 per week.

Number of packs per month x price per pack 30 packs per month x $3 = $90 per month.

Number of packs per year x price per pack 365 packs per year x $3 = $1095 per year.

Repeat this for each smoker in the household! [Studies show that most people who smoke are married or reside with another smoker].  Are you in a two person smoking household? You can save nearly $2200 a year with the example of above if each of you smoke one pack per day!

Grand total used for purchasing cigarettes: ____________

Now, just imagine for a moment what you will do with that money when you Quit Smoking!

Take a Vacation
Buy that special something you have been yearning for!
Start a college fund for your children
Begin your retirement account
Pay off high interest debt



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