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Sunday, September 03, 2006

How to Quit Smoking

Day One:
Decide to quit! This isn't as easy as it sounds. You have to want to stop, not because your spouse wants you to quit or because the insurance company will give you a discount on rates but because You have made the decision to live without tobacco.

Day Two:
Set a quit date and contact your healthcare provider or a smoking cessation clinic to discuss treatment options. There are numerous options available to treat the physical dependency resulting from an addiction to tobacco. Consult with a professional in your area to find out which is right for you.

Day Three:
Educate yourself. Be prepared to recognize the signs and symptoms of nicotine withdrawal as well as the emotional and social triggers that often are associated with relapse.

Day Four:
Surround yourself with Social Support. Tell your friends and family about your "quit date" and let them know you will need their support. Make a list of people you can call when you feel those cravings coming on or when you just need a little chat to take your mind off things. Join a smoking cessation support group. Pay attention to when and why you smoke and create a list of new things you can do to replace that behavior.

Day Five:
Stop buying cigarettes. Instead, use the money you will save to purchase products that will ease the withdrawal and cravings. Clean your car and home to remove the smell of cigarettes. Throw away all tobacco and smoking related items including ash trays, cigarette cases, etc...

Day Six:
List all the benefits of NOT smoking. How much money will it save you? What are the health benefits to yourself, your friends, and your family? Set up a reward system for the first day without tobacco, the first week, the first month, the first year and so forth. Reward yourself for reaching each milestone date. Throw out the remainder of all remaining cigarettes at work or home. Remind your family, friends, and co-workers that your quit date is tomorrow and request their help. Mentally prepare your morning without cigarettes.

Day Seven:
Quit Date. Begin the recommended treatment decided upon by you and your physician or smoking cessation clinic.



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