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Sunday, September 03, 2006

How to Use Textual Elements Consistently When Writing for the Web

Text is the primary means of communicating on the Web. In addition to consistent terminology, the consistent use of text across the site assures a cohesive experience for visitors. Depending upon the type of content you are writing, specific character counts and other information has been provided separately, see the entire "Writing for the Web" series for more information.

Title: The title of the work should conform to character counts set for your site (on average it should be about 75 characters) and clearly indicate relevant keyword(s) associated with the article. Remember, this will determine if your work is found when a person is searching for information.

Sub-headings: Sub-heads should conform to specific character counts (on average about 30 characters) and clearly indicate the content of that section. Avoid in-line formatting to heads. Results may vary from browser to browser.

Lists or bullets: Use numbered lists when the order of entries is important and bullets when the sequence is not important. Limit the number of items in a list to 9 or fewer. Since most articles will be less than 1500 words, articles should contain AT MAXIMUM, 3 lists.

Captions: Captions should uniquely identify the illustration, photo, or table. Captions should not be repeats of headings. Do not number Captions [For example, Figure 1, Figure 2].



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