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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hyphenation for Online Writing - Writing For the Web

Do not hyphenate -ly and superlative words (widely used rapid detox treatment, best informed patients).

Hyphenate adjectival phrases (role-playing techniques, high-anxiety group).

Hyphenate compound adjectives preceding nouns (client-centered therapy, t-test scores) unless the compound adjective involves a superlative (best written addiction research study).

Hyphenate if the base is an abbreviation or compounded (pre-UCS, non-college bound).

Hyphenate if the base word is capitalized or a number (pre-Freudian, post-1960).

Hyphenate if the words could be misunderstood without a hyphen (un-ionized).

Standards change rapidly so keep current. For example, data-base is now database, after-care is now aftercare and life-style is now lifestyle.


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