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Monday, September 04, 2006

Is Your Web Presence Working for You - Checklist

The story usually goes something like this...
During the late 90's you took the plunge, hired a team to design a web presence for your company and it has sat there ever since. The design has been updated a few times but the majority of the content is still the same and the most useful technology is still email.
In a fragile attempt to create a "marketing" plan, you hire a company or outside consultant who inform you the site needs to be "optimized" and they create a marketing campaign which ranges from ineffective to absurd. Perhaps they try to rewrite clinical materials which make claims that would take a legal team to explain to FDA, perhaps they route personally identifying information to targeted email's creating risk for lawsuits [remember the Prozac case?!], perhaps the tech people simply do not understand the legal and regulatory environment to begin with so how can they possibly create an effective marketing campaign?
Relax. I understand. I hold advanced degree's in clinical and business related fields. I've worked as VP of Research for a Health Service Management company and completely understand HIPAA, FDA, Human Subjects and much more. I also understand effective [and non-effective] marketing, online campaigns, and how to increase your profit while decreasing costs. I have spent over ten years becoming an expert in this field...this is ALL I do with tremendous results and superb references! The reason I understand writing, marketing, teaching, and research is to provide the MOST comprehensive suite of services available. It's a complete plan of action, not just pieces of the puzzle.
If your organization is searching for a comprehensive strategy to increase profit, retain the competitive advantage, decrease costs, enhance revenue streams and even potentially add new product development initiatives...give me a call. I am happy to discuss your needs.
In the meantime, here is the first FREE resource as my way of thanking your for your interest..
"Why all Online Marketing is NOT the Same! How to Find the RIGHT Person for the Job"
Okay, that Sounds Good But Does it Work?
Unlike advertising in a journal or running a commercial, online campaigns give measurable results that you can track and adjust immediately but they can do MUCH more than that. Here are just a few examples...Expand the office! Done correctly, effective communication programs create long lasting relationships with your existing clients resulting in increased satisfaction, decreased time spent on patient education, billing and other related concerns.Enhance reputation by expanding the reach of your organization or practice! Today more than ever it is necessary to validate business, medicine and outcomes by forming strong alliances and having the support and "buy-in" of leaders in your field. Create and foster effective means of communication while measuring real results by utilizing the technology available at your fingertips!Reduce training, turn-over and overhead costs of doing business or even generate new revenue by implementing online communications and training both internal and external! Medical education and CEU's are becoming popular means for sponsored research findings, increasing awareness of products or services, tracking effectiveness and generating interest from both professional and consumer audiences! For more information be sure to visit my information on Teaching & TrainingReach NEW Clients. Traditional "in-house" advertising reaches the clients you already have but how do you go about making contact with those highly competitive new markets? Online campaigns have been repeatedly demonstrated to be the most cost effective means of reaching new clients.


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