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Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Twist on the Big Six

My twist on The Big Six

The Big Six Skills Approach to Information Problem Solving by Eisenberg and Berkowitz (1988) is "an information literacy curriculum, an information problem solving process, and a set of skills which provide a strategy for effectively and efficiently meeting information needs". I like it because it is simple, adaptable, analytically oriented, and useful in implementing technology rich learning. It has…in my opinion… a great deal of potential in the field of health literacy and HSE.

The Big Six:

1. Task definition

a. Define the task/information problem

b. Identify information needed to complete the task or solve the problem

2. Information seeking strategies

a. Brainstorm all possible sources

b. Select the best sources. I would like to add…this requires selection, differentiation, and evaluation skills which should be mandatory to HSE preparation and educational goals.

3. Location and Access

a. Locate sources

b. Find information w/in the source

4. Use of Information

a. Engage in the source (read, hear, view, touch)

b. Extract relevant information (same considerations as 2b)

5. Synthesis

a. Organize information from multiple sources

b. Present the information (note: I disagree with this placement)

6. Evaluation

a. Judge the process/efficiency

b. Judge the product/effectiveness

On number 5b I disagree with the presentation of information at this stage. To begin with, there should be two evaluations…one before presenting and one after. Also, It seems a 7th step would benefit a HSE or health literacy approach…so

7. Communicate/Apply Information

Applying and communicating information goes beyond "interactivity" into the realm of "impact potential" which lends itself to "buy in" as students engage others.



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