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Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Employee Press Release : Resources for Writers

Press Release - New Personnel

For Immediate Release

[Contact's Name]

[Contact's Phone Number]

[Contact's Fax Number]

[Company] Promotes [Name] to [Title]

[City, State] -- [Date] -- [Name] has been promoted to [Title] at [Company], the people who offer/develop/create [Short Company Positioning Statement) with offices in [City]. S/he will be responsible for [Primary Responsibility].

"[Quote Showing Person's Productivity or Worth to Company]," said [Spokesperson's Name], [Spokesperson's Title] of [Company].

[Name] joined [Company] in [Year] as [Title]. Prior to joining [Company], s/he held positions of [Previous Position] at (Previous Employer #1] where s/he was responsible for [previous job]. Previously, [name] worked for [Previous Employer #2] as (Previous Position #2] where s/he was responsible for [previous job #2].

[ ] This should include positions with high visibility in well-known companies, if this is pertinent to the position and reflects well upon both companies.

"[Quote Showing Person's Dedication, Commitment and / or Ideas]," said [Name].

[Name] earned a [Type and Level of Degree] from [College], [Honors, if any]. S/he received her / his [Type and Level of Degree] from [College], where s/he was [Position] of the [Extracurricular Activity].

[ ] Specify degrees, honors, and association affiliations, as well as colleges attended.

[Name] lives in...

[ ] Specify city or neighborhood only.

with [spouse’s name] and their [number of children] children.

[ ] Avoid specific information about the children that may jeopardize their safety. If the person is in a position that could invite sensational publicity, keep personal details to a minimum.

10. Quote the person or a company official on this personnel change.

[ ] The quote should address the way this promotion will contribute to the company achieving its goals. If you distribute the press release to your vendors, customers, board members, stockholders and employees, a quote may help add credibility and build morale.

[Full Company Positioning Statement].




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