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Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Product Press Release Announcement Template

For Immediate Release

[Contact's Name]

[Contact's Phone Number]

[Contact's Fax Number]

New [Product] Makes [Primary Benefit]

[City, State] -- [Date] -- [Company], the people who offer/develop/create [Short Company Positioning Statement], today introduced the [Product], [Short Product Positioning Statement].

People who have a problem with [problem], will / can now [benefit] from a new...

Other advantages of [Product] are

[Feature / Benefit #2]

[Feature / Benefit #3]

[Feature / Benefit #4]

"[Quote Showing Why This Product Is Needed]," said [Spokesperson's Name], [Spokesperson's Title] for [Company].

[Quote or statistic explaining why your product is needed or is useful], according to [Reliable Third-Party Source].

According to industry analyst, [industry analyst name], with [industry analyst company], [industry analyst quote]

[ ] Contact known industry analysts, reporters or writers who have written articles on the subject of your product or whom you know to be visible people, and ask them for their opinion. Ask them if they mind that you quote them in your press release introducing [product].

This product is different from those of our competitors because ...

[Full Company Positioning Statement].

To reach [company] for a free brochure, you can call [company phone] or write to [company] at [company address] or visit their website at [company web address].



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