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Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Service Announcement Press Release : Resources for Writers

New Service Business Press Release

For Immediate Release

[Contact's Name]

[Contact's Phone Number]

[Contact's Fax Number]

[Your Name] Opens New [Type of Business] Office

[City, State] -- [Date] -- [Your Name] today opened a [Type of Business] to help [Primary Audience] attain [Primary Benefit]. The office is located at [Address] in [City].

"[Quote on Why Customers Should Use your Kind of Service]," said [Your Name], who [Primary Qualification] and [Secondary Qualification].

[List Primary and Secondary Services Offered and Benefits to Customers].

[List Other Professional Qualifications, Positions Held or Awards Received].

Hours are [List Hours]. Call [Company Phone Number] to [Specifics Regarding Appointments].



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