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Monday, September 04, 2006

People Watching - A Day in the Life

Sunday May 16th, 1999 approximately 3:00 p.m. Entrance of Silver Springs Attraction in Ocala Florida. Observing annual pass line located at kiosk on left side of park entrance.
Silver Springs is a local nature based theme park. Entrance location has large fountain area surrounded by trees and benches. Approximately 50 feet away on the far left and far right are kiosk for payment and rental…entrance area in the middle of the two kiosk. I am positioned on left under shade tree on park bench beside fountain with clear view of annual pass line.
At arrival there were approximately a dozen people in line with several more (approximately 20 total) arriving within a minute or two. Most people in the line appear to know someone else in the line as indicated by their speaking to each other and standing in two's. Large party in front of line with two-three adults at the "window" while others stand within a few feet. Almost everyone in the line is standing in pairs. There is a woman drinking from a straw standing to the left while 2 adults (man and woman) with a baby and diaper bag in matching red shirts with a white striped collar step to the window. Another couple (young and thin) cut
across the line while arguing how old the female is and when she was/will be 24 years old. A woman in a multi-colored horizontally striped dress with a drink rocks back and forth and left to right and then finally leaves the other woman standing alone in line. The second woman is wearing tan shorts and has short auburn hair. Once the woman in the striped dress leaves the woman in tan shorts begins talking to the lady in the red shirt about the age of her baby…there are two babies, one in her arms and another in the stroller. The one in the stroller is two years old.
Another woman with dyed red hair who appears to be in her late 40's or early 50's jumps into the conversation and continues talking to the woman in the red shirt. The woman in tan shorts stops talking. No one else in line is speaking. The woman in the striped dress returns and stands beside the woman with tan shorts. She brought a young girl who appears to be 7-9 years old. The girls is thin with straight brown hair to her shoulders and she wraps her arms around the waist of the woman in tan shorts and hangs. The woman in the striped dress rocks back and forth while swaying left to right incessantly.
Two newcomers arrive in line and stand side by side. The do not speak. An older woman with shorts and white hair with a younger woman in slack and cane with carrot red hair. The woman in the red shirt and is still talking to the woman with dyed red hair about the two year old. The woman's husband (?) remains silent throughout. He is standing to her left and is generally looking to the left into the trees above. The woman in the red shirt is to the right with the rest of her party which is beginning to sprawl.
Another couple join the line, an older man and woman both wearing beige shorts and white shirts. They stand side by side and do not speak. Original group in red is now spread over a large area (maybe 15-20 feet) on the right hand side in front of the line as two people at the window continue to speak to the employee. The kids are very restless. There are 12 total, (4 kids and 2 babies). Kids are swinging arms and moving around a bit but fairly contained. The entire group is very large build.
2 men pass…1 with a stroller and 1 with a diaper bag. They are not speaking and walking very fast. Red group leaves. Several woman with 10 young children and one more man cut through the line on their way out of the park. Adults are not speaking, kids are running everywhere and between everyone.
Meanwhile woman in striped dress has left again and child is still hanging around waist of woman in tan shorts. The last older couple in beige shorts have still not spoken. They are both standing with their arms crossed on their chest and leaning on their right foot. The woman occasionally looks into her purse. Almost in unison they uncross their arms and both put their hands on their hips. Man leaves and returns in a minute or two. The man stands slightly behind the woman. Both place their hands in their pockets. Meanwhile the woman with dyed hair and man with her have left line and gone into park. Line now short: woman with girl hanging on her, woman with cane and other with white shorts, and older couple with beige shorts.
Couple in beige shorts now both have hands on hips. Everyone in line is leaning on left foot. A woman joins the line alone and the man in beige shorts step up beside the woman. They still haven't spoken and are now both standing with their arms once again crossed against their chest. 3 woman join the last woman in line forming a diamond shape. They are all talking very quietly. No one else in line is speaking and everyone is standing in two's.
The four women are now in a small circle speaking quietly and laughing. The woman who is closest to the rest of the line has her back to the line/window.


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