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Monday, September 04, 2006

Program Evaluation Checklist



Y/N Has the target population been clearly identified?

Y/N Is the target population participating?

Y/N Have reasons for non-participation been clearly identified?

Y/N Is there diversity among participants?

Y/N Have alternative services, methods, and follow-up been established?

Y/N Are those most in need of help actually receiving services?

Y/N Are the number of participants significant in light of the total target population?

Y/N Are participants staying involved throughout the course of the program?

Y/N Are community members satisfied that the program meets local needs?

Y/N Are community participants involved in planning and implementation?

Y/N Is the program sensitive to community interests?

Y/N Have goals been reached in the specified time?

Y/N Are key participants able to take ownership of the program?

Y/N Do program interventions track progress made towards meeting desired goals?

Y/N Has the program stayed focused?

Y/N Have volunteers and staff been recognized for their effort?

Y/N Is appropriate positive and negative feedback being utilized?

Y/N Has appropriate data been collected and analyzed on a regular basis?

Assessment and Intervention

Y/N Has behavior changed as a result of participation in the program?

Y/N Has knowledge changed as a result of participation in the program?

Y/N Are participants satisfied with the experience?

Y/N Are their any negative results experienced by participating in the program?

Y/N Does baseline data support the need for intervention or further changes in program implementation?
Y/N Have all goals been written down and clearly explained to all parties?

Y/N Have completed goals been identified and rewarded?

Y/N Have the percentage of goals met been identified?

Y/N Have the results of evaluation been shared/communicated with others?

Y/N Have key participants expressed concern or need to change protocol after beginning program implementation?
Y/N Have critical events been analyzed during the course of program implementation?

Y/N Have both qualitative and quantitative data been used to support program activity?

Social Integration
Y/N Is the program communicating to the desired audience?

Y/N Does the community consider program interventions to be meaningful and significantly contribute to alleviating the problem?

Y/N Does the community consider the initiative fair?

Y/N Does the community consider the initiative responsive to individual needs?

Y/N Does the community consider the initiative unique?

Y/N Does the community consider the intervention effective?

Y/N Does the intervention “mesh” with local values?

Y/N Have major areas of resistence/barriers been identified?

Y/N Have key resources been identified in order to minimize duplication of services and assist in support?
Y/N Has the “bottom line” been identified or clearly established in the minds of community members and prospective funding sources?

Community Level Indicators
Y/N Are community level indicators being used?

Y/N Are they accurate?

Y/N Are they relevant?

Y/N Are they from respected/verifiable sources?

Y/N Have local, state, and federal agencies been utilized?

Y/N Has the data been summarized in an easily understood way?

Y/N Has the data been presented to support the program?

Y/N Is the data sensitive to the target population?


Y/N Are program goals and objective clear?



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