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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Public Domain Permission Letter Template

Dear xxx,

I would like to secure in writing, permission to use your (NAME OR DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL), on our site(s} [insert here] and/or affiliated sites owned by [insert here] , which are commercial sites that are dedicated to aiding the process of recovery from addictions (ADD AFFILIATE SITE DESCRIPTORS AS APPROPRIATE).

We very much appreciate using (NAME OR DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL) to inform and assist our site users.

Even though we understand that your information is in the public domain and therefore freely available for us to use, [insert company name]., would much appreciate your confirmation of permission to use this information on our site(s) by return email. Can you please include your full name and title. Of course, full credit and attribution will be given to you.

Sincerely yours,

Insert Title here.

Alternative ending:

If a representative from your company [fill in blank] has not responded within 5 business days either by phone or email, [insert company name ], will assume that full permission to use/reprint [fill in] has been granted as stated above.

Provide contact information.



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