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Monday, September 04, 2006

Residential Rental Move Out Charges Checklist

Move-Out Charges

This list reflects most, but not all itemized charges for items that may need attention (cleaning, repair or replacement) after tenants move out and leave their dwelling. Please note- these charges are averages and may not reflect actual charges or cost of work depending upon the situation, therefore the actual cost may be higher as consequence. We give allowances for normal wear and tear.

Charges are not limited to Items listed below. Any additional cost incurred by us due to negligence, vandalism, improper usage of articles and/or property and any other items not mentioned, may increase the normal cost or time to make the property suitable for new tenants or decrease the value of property from the time in which you originally occupied the dwelling and will be considered part of this list, and therefore charged due value as well.

We have a history of returning the full value of security deposits. Please use this as a checklist of items to be cleaned and restored to original condition prior to moving out.

Clean refrigerator 20.00
Clean stove top 15.00
Clean oven 30.00
Clean stove hood 20.00
Clean kitchen cabinets 50.00
Clean kitchen floor 35.00
Clean tub/shower & surround 15.00
Clean toilets and sinks 20.00
Clean bath cabinets & floor 15.00
Vacuum throughout dwelling 30.00
Clean ceiling fans 10.00ea
Clean greasy parking space 75.00
Clean windows 20.00ea
Remove carpet stains (ea.Rm.) 80.00
Deodorize carpet 85.00
Repair carpet ( 75.00
Repair tile floor 50.00 + 8.00 per tile
Replace kitchen linoleum 375.00
Replace bath linoleum 275.00
Replace tile floor (per linear Ft.) 25.00
Remove mildew & treat surface 15.00
Cover crayon marks 35.00
Repair hole in wall (ea.) 45.00
Remove wallpaper 250.00
Repaint (per wall) 80.00
Repaint ceiling (per room) 250.00
Repair whole in hollow-core door 65.00
Repair forced door damage 125.00
Replace door (inside) 155.00
Replace door (outside) 450.00
Replace sliding glass door (sgl) 350.00
Replace sliding glass door (dbl) 550.00
Rescreen sliding door screen 50.00
Replace sliding door screen 150.00
Repair garage door panel 100.00ea
Replace garage door 400.00
Replace G.door lock system 40.00
Replace G.door rubber seal 40.00
Repair fence (linear ft.) 10.00
Mow, weed, trim 65.00
Remove trash, rubbish, other 150.00
Repair grounds (holes, trenches) 75.00
Repair irrigation lines (linear Ft.) 10.00
Replace irrigation heads 15.00ea
Repair irrigation pump 75.00
Replace irrigation pump 200.00
Mail box or post 25.00ea
House numbers 25.00
Awning or soffet 15.00 L.Ft.
Replace kitchen faucet 150.00
Replace kitchen sink 200.00
Replace bath faucet 100.00
Replace faucet aerator 10.00
Replace shower head 30.00
Replace toilet tank lid 65.00
Replace toilet 200.00
Replace garbage disposer 175.00
Replace key (door or garage) 3.00
Replace Int.door knob 25.00ea
Replace Ext.door knob 50.00ea
Replace cylinder lock 5.00ea
Replace deadbolt lock 30.00
Windows & window coverings
Replace window pane (sgl) 250.00 ea
Replace window pane (dbl) 500.00 ea
Replace Venetian blind 75.00
Replace window shade 35.00
Replace vertical blinds rod 25.00 (or 15.00/LFt)
Replace vertical blinds 100.00ea (or 25.00/LFt)
Rescreen window screen 15.00ea (or 5.00 LF)
Replace window screen 45.00ea
Replace refrigerator shelf 75.00ea
Replace stove/over knobs 25.00
Repair ceramic tile-3 or less=85.00, flat fee,
more= 25.00ea
Repair closet shelving 50.00ea
Replace A/C filter 10.00
Replace counter tops 450.00
Replace medicine cabinet 75.00ea
Replace towel bar 75.00
Replace shower curting rod 15.00
Replace shower/tub enclosure 450.00
Replace thermostat 125.00
Replace fire extinguisher 30.00
Fumigate for flees 125.00
Remove junk & debris 150.00
Replace light bulb 2.00ea
Replace light fixture globe 12.00ea
Replace light fixture 75.00ea
Replace electrical outlet/switch 15.00ea
Replace electrical cover plate 2.00ea
Replace ceiling fan 150.00ea
Replace ceiling fan light fixture 75.00ea
Replace phone/cable outlet 25.00ea


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