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Monday, September 04, 2006

Statistics in Life 7

Entry Seven
"Luck and timing. It's just a matter of when it's going to happen"
This statement was made in an article of todays paper discussing the estimated 300,000 mobile homes in the state that are unsafe. The article states that despite increased building codes, 40% of mobile homes in Florida were built before those regulations were in effect. The tornados that hit central Florida last February damaged the oldest mobile homes the most and the newest homes the least…while it killed none in a conventional home. Conventional homes outnumber mobile homes 7-1 in one reported area, but accounted for only 38 deaths as compared to 67 deaths in mobile homes.
I don’t know the statistics on damages, but I'm sure someone does…especially the way my homeowners insurance as gone up over the last several years. More importantly, this is a true concern for people living in such unsafe conditions…if they know these homes cannot pass a storm without endangering the lives of the occupants, I wonder why more mandatory evacuations don't take place.
Okay, a stab at statistics. I would like to have more information on things like this. Is there an ANOVA out there on various forms of building codes and their ability to withstand storms? What about a correlation between risk of death due to cheap housing and amount of profit gained from selling cheap housing. Maybe we can tax the mobile home retailers and have them pay the additional insurance premiums…afterall, it worked for tobacco.


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