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Monday, September 04, 2006

Ten Low or No Cost Internet Promotions You Can Implement Today!

Ten Immediate Low Cost Internet Promotion & Lead Generation Ideas You Can Implement Today!

Congratulations! If you are reading this, chances are you understand the vast profit potential of the Internet to assist in growing your business! Here are a very few simple and low cost promotional efforts that will help you promote your online business. For more information on how to radically grow your business- visit
or email

List your business or services on Google base. To use Google base you will need a Google account [free]. Unlike Google adwords and sponsored advertising, Google base is new and remains Free. It has the added advantage of indexing and updating your site. Since there is minimal competition, you will also “rank” higher on Google base. [FREE]

List your business or services with Craigslist -- both in your local markets AND outside markets of potential interest [International areas, major metro cities across the USA…when posting outside of local market be sure to use the “out of area” feature. ALL listings should be posted on as many locations as possible. [FREE].

Consider a low-cost eBay store and/or auction to highlight the company services or product. eBay receives millions of visitors each day and has special sections for business related products and services. It is also very inexpensive.

Create a small “How to” booklet about your product or industry and list it on eBay, Amazon and other related sites. People often need information on how to select the right product or service for whatever industry you represent. You know the tricks of the trade…share them and you will often gain a client who realizes you know the market and represent integrity in your business.

Join a professional network affiliation site. The better ones are by “invitation only” and allow you to network with professionals and entrepreneurs across the nation. Use the same network to spread word about your business while providing a unique service to your associates by posting your profile and inviting your own business contacts to network together as well! It’s also a great way to make out of the ordinary relationships with recruiters, builders, realtors, accountants etc…all who often know of a new business endeavor or major transition in advance!

If you do not have access to an invitation only network, please feel free to contact me at and request that I send you an invitation. I will be happy to provide the opportunity for you to interact with my network which now exceeds 2 Million contacts!

Are you spending money for print and video advertising? Do what the “big boys” do…large companies get thousands and even millions of dollars of advertising for FREE in the form of press releases and VPR [video press releases]. Not only is this incredibly effective, free or very low cost but also will help index your website! Unsure how to create a Good Press Release? Feel free to contact me at I specialize in informational marketing! Meanwhile, here is a great little FREE press release service.

It’s surprising but true…many companies forget to advertise their own url!

Form a Yahoo or Google group about your product or service. People always need information or have questions…make it official and gain reputation and good will by spending just a few minutes a week in helping others! Be sure to use your official company email if you would like to help promote your business! FREE!!!

Join a Yahoo, Google or other listserve information group using your business email. Join only LARGE groups, participate in NON_CONTROVERSIAL discussions only. Offer generic information [NO SPECIFICS] that is helpful. Always use your professional email signature line…if the group does not allow it then drop and go to another group. This should be encouraged only by trusted members of the company team who can be relied upon to effectively communicate helpful, non-controversial information. Sign up for the digest version to keep email to a minimum [one per day]. Respond to at least one message weekly. It’s a great way to share your expertise, gain a valuable reputation and good-will for your company! Best of all –it’s FREE!!!

Join an “Expert” website and Offer advice! Many companies and websites rely upon experts for information, quotes, interviews, second opinions and just general information. Don’t under-estimate the value of your product, service or knowledge! Register your top talent and company to provide information and services on various expert sites. It also builds your reputation, helps breed good-will to your company and indexes your website! Best of all…it’s FREE!!

I hope you have found this information valuable. For more information on How To Promote Your Business please visit my website at:

or contact me via email at:

Here is just a sample of the topics you will find on

Beyond Keywords - What really works
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Diminishing Returns - The Death of Advertising
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