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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ten Writing Tips to Maximize Search Results

Writing to Maximize Search Results

The ability to develop content that will maximize site ranking on various search engines is crucial to the success of a web site. According to research by Georgia Tech., 85% of people find a web site by using a search engine.

1.  Keywords are critical! - Attempt to use the most relevant keyword(s) in the title of your article. Begin the first paragraph with a summary and place relevant keywords in this area. Intersperse keywords throughout the article and recapture them at the end of the document.

2.  Use the most relevant keywords possible - Do not use "peripherally" related terms. Only use keywords that describe the main topic.

3.  Use the "controlled vocabulary" to select your keywords and meta-tags. NOTE: available keywords will be expanded as soon as possible.

4.  Each page must have a title utilizing the keyword concept.

5.  The title should make sense if viewed independently from a descriptor.

6.  Write titles in mixed case.

7.  Do not use mark-up or highlighting in titles.

8.  Do not begin a title with a generic term [Welcome, The, etc...]

9.  Each article should have a short descriptor provided of 150-200 characters or less (a “blurb” or teaser for the article). This is independent of the primary article.

10. Descriptions should make sense if read independently from the title and provide information for the reader to judge if this is useful/relevant. Quick and concise. Avoid hyperbole on descriptors.



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