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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Web Deployment Checklist : Corporate and Consumer Sites

Web Deployment Checklist: Corporate & Consumer

· Create Style Guide and Editorial Guidelines for use with all written communication. Closely related would be corresponding Media Kit to be issued for all distributors, sales and other [including PR, online, traditional print, etc..]

· TM, Copyright/other clearance-registered or not? AFAB nationwide issue somewhat problematic

· Acquisition/licensing of visual elements-so far are all original? Need small “library” created.

· Determine components and page/character counts.

· Determine environment, server be utilized.

· Determine site maintenance frequency, number of site updates site per year and exactly which pages will need updates.

· Generate storyboard with 8 main indexes maximum and 3 levels deep

· Determine the hardware and bandwidth requirements for the website (peak and off-peak seasons).

· Create directory structure for new/revised project

· Gather information

· Domain name options.

· Existing marketing materials, logos, photos, text, brochures, business cards, flyers, product shots, product samples, press releases, etc. NEED UPDATING and COORDINATION as well as digital format for use on intranet.

· Price and part lists-UPDATED??

· Frequently Asked Questions.

· Partner site links/urls

· Testimonials, credits, bios, history, education, certifications, awards, industry recognition, etc.

· Contact information: name, address, phone, fax, 1-800, e-mail addresses, on-line map URL.

· Hours of operation and days closed. 800# and jingle

· List of keywords and phrases to be used in search engines.

· Develop controlled vocabulary, editorial style guide

· Register domain and setup ISP account(s)

· Create hierarchy of pages and sections, ordered most important

· Determine fonts and color schemes. Need RGB for logo/other.

· Create navigation system graphic and front page mockup, group main indexes from most important to least, left to right.

· Create robots.txt file excluding entire site from all spiders.

· Setup FTP directories for internet/intranet directories.

· Setup e-mail addresses.

· Perform a revised competitive analysis (find keywords, site sections, etc.).

· Compile key word lists from client and competitive analysis (make sure to NOT use competitors trademarks).

· Create template page, rollovers, headers, trailers, copyright notice and credit links.

· Obtain RSACi ratings so site can pass some corporate firewalls and parental control filters.
· Add meta tags (Author, Description, Keywords, RSACI, ROBOTS, etc.).

· Add hidden tags and links to track copied pages in case of page theft.

· Match rollover alt tags on images to page descriptions.

· Complete home page skeleton page with complete navigation systems and graphics.

· Each page header/trailer to include (title, logo/name, home link, home URL)

· Create main index skeleton pages by making empty skeleton pages for each main page of the site.

· Set title & descriptions to be unique, short and meaningful while coordinated with overall strategy

· Page Title “Company - Page Description”
· Page Description “Company - Longer Page Description”
· Page Header H1 tag “Page Description Headline”
· Create site map (if needed).
· Create help page (if needed).

· Fill in home page; add creation date and “New” topic list with release date of the site. As the site is updated in the future all new additions are listed on the home page so repeat visitors can quickly see what has changed.

· Create main splash page with preloading of menu graphics

· Create additional keyword splash pages, link splash pages to home and main index page.
· Create final content pages.

· Add body content (text, images, checklist components) to pages.

· Check each content page for required navigation scheme links.

· When pages complete:
· Update robots.txt with specific files and folders to exclude from spiders as needed.
· Run final LinkBot/other test to make sure no links are broken and all-important pages will load quickly. LinkBot is a product that automatically tests all of the sites links.
· Spell check each page and upload.
· Test each page using appropriate web browsers (at least the current version or last 2 versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape on PC and Mac platforms)
· Perform usability tests on pages and forms

Initial Submissions
· Submit manually to relevant engines, directories, etc..
· Submit to affiliate directories
· Email
· Setup WebTrends or other related report for monthly stats
· Send press releases and announcements
· Start marketing website and business together.
· Register the site with the US Copyright Office
1) Finish site titles, descriptions, h1 tags, hook, doorway, content and splash pages.
2) Create controlled vocabulary
3) Run baseline positioning report on site and competition.
4) Submit site (print main submission forms and emailed passwords)
· Exhaustive Top 10 submission:
5) Submit new and unlisted pages periodically.
6) Finish site titles, descriptions, h1 tags, hook, doorway, content and splash pages.
7) Create controlled vocabulary
8) Run baseline positioning report on site and competition.
9) Submit site (print main submission forms and emailed passwords)
· Exhaustive Top 10 submission:
10) Submit new and unlisted pages periodically.


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