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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Website Maintenance Checklist

· WEEKLY Site updates, monthly stats, search engine resubmissions.
· External link testing.
· Periodically test forms (daily or weekly as needed)
· Check website space to make sure site stays within space limits.

* Special NOTE: If you do not have automatic renewal for your domain name and payment, be sure to have multiple alerts sent to primary and back-up!

· Spell check all text and read back for grammar.
· Put URL, 800# and contact info in all Word/PDF documents and bottom of each web page. If someone prints a page, let them know where it came from.
· Put contact information on every page (website URL, 800#, e-mail address, postal address).
· Use image slicing on large images with animated parts, only animate the portions that actually change. This will improve download time.
· All pages should use appropriate templates to remain consistent.
· Total size of all graphics/components on a page should be 30kb or less optimally (with exceptions for important content pages). Most pages should load in 15 seconds on a 28.8 modem. With exceptions for high content pages.
· Specify the exact pixel width of all tables.
· Add a short descriptive title on each page header
· Use meta keyword, description, robot & author tags.
· Create short titles consistent across the site (if someone bookmarks a page this will make it a meaningful description).
· Optimize graphics to improve download time.


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