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Sunday, September 03, 2006

What are Moderation Programs? Addiction Info

Moderation Programs

The two most well known moderation groups are Moderation Management (MM) and DrinkWise. Both programs operate under the premise that alcohol abuse, as opposed to alcohol dependence, is a learned behavior, not a disease. They believe there is a continuum of alcohol-related problems ranging from mild to severe, and that moderation is a reasonable early intervention approach for problem drinkers. Moderation programs, sometimes called harm reduction, accept substance use as a fact of life and recognize its role as a coping mechanism in modern society. They do not try to remove a person's primary coping mechanisms until others are learned and in place.

Moderation Management teaches a 9-step program for altering drinking habits, and provides guidelines for acceptable drinking limits for men and women. Approximately 30 percent of Moderation Management members go on to abstinence-only programs.

DrinkWise is a short-term educational program for problem drinkers where the participants themselves decide whether to choose moderation or abstinence. It gives problem drinkers the skills and knowledge to be applied in modifying their drinking habits. The program is based on research from the Addiction Research Foundation in Toronto and they claim to have a success rate of reducing members' alcohol consumption by approximately 65 percent.



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