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Monday, September 04, 2006

Why Become a Firefighter

When asked 'What drew you to the profession" many firefighters often began with a vague "I don't know" type of answer…however, most of them did know! Without prompting, most firefighters interviewed mentioned ( 14 out of 16) a link in their background which provided a "gateway" into the profession. The most common gateways into firefighting included a friend or family member with a background in firefighting or a military or law enforcement background. Many (x out of 16) had both or even multiple cases of both.[ will expand this ]. Familiarity with paramilitary lingo, organizational structure, and cultural issues encountered in military circles may provide a strong foundation for the quasi-military culture associated with firefighting. Research with persons who leave or 'drop out' of firefighting may provide greater insight into the relationship between gateway links and success/satisfaction on firefighting.


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