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Monday, September 04, 2006

Workplace Violence - Program Topic List

Workplace Violence

What is Workplace Violence?

Workplace violence includes acts of physical assault or the threat of physical assault at the workplace or during the course of duty.

How Serious is the Problem?

· Homicide is the second leading cause of all job-related deaths and the leading cause of such deaths for women (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1994).
· 5-6 homicides per month are directed against managers and employees
· 43 percent of all women who died on the job were victims of violence, compared to 18 percent men
· For each murder, there are countless other incidents of workplace violence in which victims are threatened or injured.
· The financial costs of assault from injuries, lost work time, and restricted duty are tremendous.

Who is at risk?

Community workers such as visiting nurses, home health aides, social service workers, psychiatric evaluators, probation officers, gas and water utility workers, phone and cable TV installers, and letter carriers, are at risk for workplace violence because they:
· work alone or in small groups
· may have to work late night or early morning hours
· often work in high-crime areas or work in community settings and homes which, by definition, involve extensive contact with the public.

This Educational Program will address:

· Causes of Workplace Violence
· Employee Steps to Avoid Violence
· Employer Actions to Prevent Violence
· Profiles, Prevention, and Perpetuators
· Warning Signs
· Ramifications
· Follow-up Action to take when Violence Occurs


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